Планшетные ПК удовлетворяют потребности сегодняшнего и завтрашнего дня

We now launch new versions of our popular DP102 and DP156 panel mounted touch screen PCs, featuring increased disk space and a new operating system.

DP102N and DP156N consist of a 10.2” or 15.6” touch screen with a 64GB SSD integrated PC that comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-bit. Both models can easily be connected to Regin’s EXOscada, EXO4, CLOUDigo systems or to Corrigo controllers with integrated web server. If you choose to install EXOscada you can also use DP102N and DP156N as a main computer for Regin’s controllers. Both panel PCs are constructed entirely without any fans.
 For system customers, models are also available with EXOscada already pre-installed: DP102N-BSD and DP156N-BSD.
Short facts on our new panel PCs

  • Display for EXOscada, EXO4, CLOUDigo and Corrigo with integrated web server
  • Resistant in demanding environments
  • Can be used as an extra communication server, e.g. as a TCP/IP master, after installation of EXO4
  • Can be used as an EXOscada/EXO4 main computer or a work station via a network