The new EXIGO makes Regin’s heating solutions even more complete

Another component of Regin’s comprehensive heating solutions

Together with our partners, Regin are continually developing our solutions for heating. We now launch Exigo as a direct answer to the demands of our partners for district heating in residential buildings. We’ve imported the exactness and capacity for easy energy conservation from our popular Corrigo unit, developing a controller custom-tailored for all residential heating demands.

At the same time, we are presently making an update to Corrigo – our controller for slightly more advanced systems such as apartment buildings and offices. This also includes an update which further makes ventilation control even easier.

We feel very proud to have improved our comprehensive heating solutions by another step. If you want to know more, simply download our brand new brochure entitled “Our way to optimal heating system solutions” below. In it, you can get to know Regin’s comprehensive solutions for heating and at the same time obtain more facts on Exigo, Corrigo, not to mention CLOUDigo – our Plug & Play cloud service for building control.