Presigo – new pressure transmitter boasts high performance and reliability in a compact casing

 We are proud to present this new range of single or dual sensor pressure transmitters.

Presigo is the result of a major development project, the goal of which was to develop an extremely reliable product in terms of accuracy, reliability and long-time stability.

The Presigo PDT… range consists of single or dual port pressure transmitters with two universal inputs and an RS485 port for data exchange. The RS485 port can be easily configured for either EXOline or MODBUS-RTU protocols.

Relieves the controller of up to four I/Os

The transmitter operates as a Modbus or EXOline slave, relieving the controller of up to two analogue pressure inputs and two universal inputs. This means that less wiring is required, thereby reducing material costs as well as the amount of work needed.

Smart sensor technology

There are two MEMS dual-chip medical grade sensor modules for general use with neutral gases. This technology offers very high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

Easy installation and wiring

PDT… has a small and compact design and contains two transmitters and two universal inputs in one and the same casing. The unit can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. If it is installed in a humid environment, vertical mounting is recommended to allow moisture to escape.
Two separate cable inlets, a large angled terminal and generous space make wiring easy.

When connecting PDT… to a Corrigo controller, all values can be read in E tool©, Regin’s PC-based software that enables comprehensive configuration and supervision of an installation via a graphical interface.

Quick facts about Presigo

  • Uses a sensor technology that offers very high accuracy and excellent long-term stability
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Less wiring is required
  • Relieves the controller of up to four I/Os
  • Flexible universal inputs
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Values can be read in E tool©

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