IML – air flow transmitters


IML is designed for detecting and controlling air flow in air handling units and rooms. IML-M has RS-485 connection for Modbus RTU communication.

Technical description

Supply 24 Vac/dc, < 1,5 VA
Input 0…10 Vdc, < 2 mA (external set point)
Time constant 1…20 s, 8 s
Output (air volume) 0…10 Vdc, 2 mA

Output (diff. pressure or control)

0…10 Vdc, 2 mA

automatic; regularly eliminates the possible zero point drifting

Protection class IP54, cable downwards
Ambient temperature 0…45 °C
Cable gland M16
Mounting with screws, external lugs


Product range


IML 1131600 range 0…1000, 0…2000, 0…5000 or 0…7000 Pa
IML-M 1131610 IML for Modbus