AL24A1T – Room controller for 0…10 V DC or 3-point actuators

  • 0…10 V DC or 3-point output
  • Occupied / not occupied mode
  • Switching-over


AL24A1T is a room controller with 0…10 V DC or 3-point output. The controller is especially designed for heating and cooling control in the zone control system. It has input for the presence control (occupancy control). AL24A1T has a switching-over feature what makes possible to control the switching between heating and cooling functions.



Technical description

Supply 24 V AC, ±15 % 50…60 Hz, 2 VA
Output 0…10 V DC, 1 mA or 3-point, 24 V AC, 1 A
Input Two digital and one Regin NTC sensor
Setpoint 0…40°C
P-band 0.5…50 K
Protection class IP20


Product range

Description Type
Room temperature controller AL24A1T


Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity